Essay about Cigarettes

Cigarettes have always been advertised as the condemned. Massacring more mothers, sisters, brothers, and you are and my family members for years. "Smoking remains the leading cause of preventable death and disease in the United States, killing more than 489,000 Americans each year." (National Center for Chronic Disease). What if there was a substitute for smokers and smoking policies and work guidelines, would employers be willing to compromise and reform for nicotine-dependent employees. Smoking policies and guidelines should reflect the growing civilization in the workplace setting to provide a compromise for nicotine-dependent attendants.

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With new methods of administering nicotine into individual bloodstreams with different ways of consumption, we can eradicate tar, harmful chemicals, and other deadly toxins. Vapes, electric pipes or E-cigarettes are opening doors to help cigarette users receive the same signal receptor and enhancements with less hazard or second-hand smoke. These methods have provided smokers with a nicotine product that places minor stress on their body and helps reduce risks to others. Would you want this product for yourself or someone you know who smokes cigarettes? The smoker has the option to change favors, and the expenditure of competitive product pricing verses cigarettes. E-cigarettes are battery-powered devices that allow nicotine inhalation through a method of heat that turns the nicotine into a vapor, smoke is then inhaled through the lungs.

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Policies and procedures in the company are draconian between individual and cigarettes. Policies against cigarette consumers either ban employees from smoking outside the workplace or avert people who ingest nicotine from working in the workplace. My question for employers is, what constrain these categories of employees from being enough for their job duties because they smoke? I have detached the two because we will be considering the two separately in this observation. An individual that smoke does so to do accomplished; alleviation, agony, tension, or anxiety. What do cigarettes do for the body? "Most substances that have stimulant qualities, including the nicotine in cigarettes, produce belief feeling of improvement in mood." (Hernandez, 2010-2019). When smoking a cigarette, it feels like a moment of relaxation, relief, and as if you have arrived at your content place. The relationship between cigarettes and a person begins, awaking a bond between the smoker and nicotine.

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It's with this feeling that employers can persuade smokers to use that moment as incentives for the workday. Incentives are initiated by employers or managers, use to motivate employee’s performance and meeting objectives. Employers could place work time aside for staff members that have completed with tasks are completed, goals are met, and enabling workplace morbidity. With time placements or scheduled times in place, staff members are willing to comply with workplace policies and procedures around smoking.

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Workplace policies always include employee break time. In the healthcare field, staff members work more than 10 hour shifts a day, which can make the work environment antagonistic. Employers could provide employees with the 15minute break time that split into three five-minute breaks through the day. Break time enables employees to set time aside for rest, personal time, and reflection so that they can return to their workspace encourage to proceed. These incentives implicated for nicotine-dependent compliance should be added to the of procedure and workplace policies. You are navigating employees to meet deadlines and complete milestones. Employers could provide employees with help groups with phone numbers, alternative methods to help avoid the obsessive need to enhance their stimulating receptors with the rush of toxins. These help groups could be employed to employee talking together about workplace problems, home stress, and personal stress. I know the pleasure being a cigarette smoker myself. The relief of a cigarette between your lips, exhaling and inhaling the ensuing sense of relief, and then knowing that when you step back into the work environment have completed your work.

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My relationship with nicotine began when I started college; the burden of the start of completing the momentum of tasks that would decide my future was overwhelming. This feeling leads me to purchase and inhaling my first cigarette. I was able to exit the conversation of anxiety that was inside my head, even for a short period. It was a scramble to stay afloat, a cigarette was a net. I began to use that moment to enhance my drive, I would let the temptation of the feeling dangle in my face, as I accelerate to complete my assignment. I let stress pile up on my shoulder as I raced to achieve my daily goals while using the trophy containing intoxicating supplies of nicotine as a reward. Knowing that I could insert relief into my veins and be relieved from stress, anxiety, or pain just for a few minutes out of the day is workplace compliance. This method is a value in the workplace for employers.

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 Let's talk about the modern generation method of achieving that same stimulation without the same risk percentage, instability, and second-hand smoke consequences. Cigarettes can linger on your clothes, furniture, and other items polluting the air with harmful chemicals. Research comparing cigarette smoke to electronic smoke; shows, cigarettes smokers is exposed to more smoke damage than Vape users. These new developments in the method of the way nicotine administration can provide thousands with less of a death sentence. "E-cigarettes have the potential to benefit adults' smokers who are not pregnant if used as a complete substitute for regular cigarettes and other smoked tobacco products." (U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, 2019). E-cigarettes provide smokers with the same nicotine amount provide from a cigarette with less of a death toll and without putting surrounding people in danger from second-hand smoke. E-cigarettes use nicotine vape smoke. When a person smokes an e-cigarette, they are inhaling chemicals that are not the same as cigarettes and have particles that imply the same effects. An e-cigarette is a battery-powered device that burns the chemicals that include nicotine and gives the illusion of vaporizing smoke.

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This new development should change the way an organization looks at or consider nicotine dependent as potential employees. Workplace policies should be more compatible with the advancement of nicotine products. Nicotine companies are reducing the number of toxins that impacted into cigarettes, reducing the about of harm with each puff. E-cigarettes have not been reported to have the same addictive substance as cigarettes. I would not imply that they would be able to reduce or help the smoker to quit cigarette, but could help reduce the risk to themselves and others. I think employers would enjoy the work effort that would mention with the incentive of a break period for nicotine enhanced individuals. "Do you want the tobacco industry to carry on making cigarettes, which are highly addictive and kill when used as intended, or do you want them to move to a product which is much nearer licensed nicotine replacement therapy and is unlikely to kill anyone?" (D Arnott). The FDA has fought for years to stop the purchase of cigarettes. Vapes could be next step help the upcoming generation of smokers. Considering where you stand about e-cigarette in the workplace or considering vape user for employment in your Organization. "You should have the facts straight and the science right before you regulate e-cigarette use." Said Ruben Gonzales, Vice President of the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce.